How Owners Can Make Sense of Commercial Solar Financing Schemes

Man providing commercial solar financing

Business owners often reach the conclusion that going green with their energy footprint is not just beneficial for their image, but for their bottom line as well. As they take note of commercial solar financing schemes, they will find that these projects are more affordable than they were made to believe, opening up avenues for payback schemes, rebates and other incentives extended to them by the public and private sectors.

The challenge for participants at this level is settling on a policy that is designed in their best interests, acquiring an energy framework that is sustainable without plunging the enterprise into too much debt. This is a good time to explore commercial solar financing schemes for participants who want to take control of their solar infrastructure moving forward.

Study The Available Options

Attempting to make sense of commercial solar financing schemes is achievable when ownership is presented with all of the options that are available to them through the market.

These will feature in no particular order or preference:

Each option presents its own advantages and disadvantages, outlining various proposals according to outright ownership, ongoing payment structures, customer service provisions and residual value. Operators will need to think about their liquidity level, their tax deductible cycle, their application of government rebate incentives, their physical space dynamics and what works for the interim and in 10 years from now.

Define The Business Budget

In order for owners at an organisational level to make sense of commercial solar financing schemes, they need to reflect on their operational budget. How much are they willing to spend on the installation project? Are they able to buy the hardware system outright? How close to the end of the financial year can the goods be sourced and what provisions are available from the government for rebates and suppliers for extra storage? Accountants and analysts can look over this information in more detail.

Discussing Sustainability Targets

While these solar designs will reduce the rate of carbon emission and energy consumption, it is worthwhile examining how green the brand can become and what type of targets are achievable. This is a topic that can be explored with professional representatives and analysts, helping them to detail what is actually achievable and how much can be saved on a metric ton basis.

Connect With Local Suppliers

Opening a dialogue with installation experts is one of the methods that owners use to find commercial solar financing schemes that work for them. By speaking with them directly, they will be able to draw parallels according to the business location, the business size and what types of systems are geared towards those constituents. Owners don’t have to take these discussions purely on face value, but they are the best individuals to connect with when more information is required.

Connect With Industry Peers

Speaking with other industries, business leaders and owners in the field can be the right tonic for individuals who want to adopt commercial solar financing schemes that work for their long-term interests. It is a means of acquiring case studies for the sake of the project, seeing how others have adapted to the process and taken advantage of the materials extended to them.

Utilising a Warranty Agreement

If there is one element that should be covered in extensive detail with commercial solar financing schemes, it is the inclusion of a long-term warranty agreement. These provisions are designed to cover maintenance, repairs and replacements where necessary, ensuring that investors are not left exposed when a technical fault or emergency is called for.



A Closer Look At The Best Way To Go About Exploring The Field Of Instant Cash Loans 24 7

Person giving instant cash loan 24 7

Depending on how someone decides to look at things, exploring a new field or topic like instant cash loans 24 7 can be an exciting task or it can be a tedious task. Usually, this depends on what is going on in someone’s life and how many things they currently have on their plate. For example, a busy person isn’t likely going to want to go off and explore something new when they already have so many things that need to be taken care of.

And this is often the case for those who are managing a business, it often means that the business is missing out on some important things that could greatly benefit them. For instance, some eco-friendly strategies may not have been introduced as yet as the people who run the company have not had the time to explore this. But when a person finally decides that they want to educate themselves about a certain topic, it can be important that they develop a strategy surrounding this and so here is a closer look at the best way to go about exploring the field of instant cash loan 24 7.


When exploring the field of instant cash loans 24 7 it is important to speak to the right people in order to garner the correct information

When exploring the field of instant cash loans 24 7 it is important to speak to the right people in order to garner the correct information. This is important as each and every company out there is slightly different and so are the businesses that offer this kind of thing. This means that people will need to make sure that they first understand what their own needs are so that they are able to relay this to the professionals that they are planning on working with and who they are going to ask questions about instant cash loans 24 7.

Furthermore, it means that when people are giving recommendations from people around them, this doesn’t automatically mean that their suggestions are going to be right for them and their needs and so they need to make sure that they are factoring this in. On top of all of this, people don’t want to be chatting to the wrong people who are going to be pointing them in the wrong direction.


When exploring the field of instant cash loans 24 7 it is also important to not get carried away when you are struggling with time

Client receiving instant cash loan 24 7

One of the mistakes that people can make when they want to teach themselves something new is that they do not learn the things that they need to learn and instead will become obsessed with the topic. This means that they will want to know every last detail, the history behind everything, and everything else in between. And while there is nothing wrong with following one’s passions down the rabbit hole, this can be problematic if someone is a little time-poor.

Instead, people should write down a few key questions that they have about instant cash loans 24 7 and should then go about trying to find out the answers to these questions. For instance, people may want to know the maximum amount of time that they can have to pay off the items that they are looking to purchase. In conclusion, asking some questions is a fantastic thing but asking a ton of questions may potentially be another form of procrastination and may stop people from moving forward in their business so that they can evolve and continue to grow into the future.

3 Features Of The Best Dermatologist In Melbourne

Woman checking her skin in the mirror

If you are living in metropolitan Victoria and are dealing with any skin or scalp issues, then it would make sense for you to want to engage the best dermatologist in Melbourne. However, there are many different options out there, and if you are not in the medical field then it can be hard to identify who the best practitioner to go with is.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can determine who the ideal candidate will be for you to go to and request expertise from. The following will take a look at 3 features of the best dermatologist in Melbourne.


1.    On the cutting edge

There is no doubt that the best dermatologist in Melbourne would be someone who has a passion for what they do and is leading the cutting edge in the industry. They should be someone who participates or even leads research efforts to discover new and better treatments for patients, leveraging their experience and expertise.

The ideal practitioner would not be someone who sees their work as something they do just for money – they would care about what they do and try to end their career having contributed a great deal to medical understanding of different skin and scalp conditions. They would invest time and energy into research and writing for journals and other publications, earning a reputation for their expertise and insight.


2.    A large clinic

Naturally, the best dermatologist in Melbourne would have a large clinic that they practise in and would probably have more than one location. They would probably also have a large team of other specialists working under them, and they would be the leading practitioner who also acted in a business leadership role.

This type of clinic would be equipped with all the latest equipment needed to do the highest standard of work. When it comes to your own health, you never want to compromise on the quality of the care that you receive, and working with someone who has access to the latest and greatest gear is a key part of that.


3.    A reputation for excellence

Patient's skin getting checked by the best dermatologist in Melbourne

The best dermatologist in Melbourne would also have a great reputation for getting outstanding results for their patients. This will also mean that they provide impeccable service from the start of their engagement with a patient right to the very end.

Honesty and transparency would be a majorly important thing for the best dermatologist in Melbourne, as they need to earn the trust of their patients and really listen to them. Understanding and sympathising with patients is the key to providing them with the best possible care, and this is something that the practitioner you choose to work with should place a high value on.

All of these traits would ensure that you are dealing with someone who is truly the best dermatologist in Melbourne, as they would have earned a great reputation with their patients and with the medical community. This is simply the logical person to go with since their reputation will help you to ensure that you get the greatest results possible as one of their future patients.

As you can see, there are several key things that will help you to identify the best dermatologist in Melbourne for you to work with regarding your skin or scalp condition. Spending some time thinking about which practitioner you should go with will be time well spent since the quality of the person you engage will have a lot to do with the outcome you ultimately get.

Hopefully, the above assists you in finding the best dermatologist in Melbourne.



Commercial Advice When Seeking Blockout Curtains From Adelaide Suppliers

blockout curtains in Adelaide

Commercial outlets will have their own motivations for examining blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers.

For enterprises in South Australia, they will see a diverse range of materials that include an added thick layer for that blockout protection.

This enables businesses to decrease their sunlight exposure, moderate room temperature and enjoy an investment that provides all of the other selling points from the top selling fabrics in the market.

In order to take advantage of these items, it is beneficial to follow each purchasing step strategically, acquiring the best curtains available for Adelaide companies.


The Quality of the Blockout Brand

The most prescient place that commercial outlets can start with their blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers is to ensure that the brand is a trusted entity. From small corner stores to the major retail chains, the same principles apply. The popularity of their sales will be a good starting point, but it will be on online ratings and industry referrals where the top firsthand and secondhand evidence will be sourced for managers. Sellers who don’t move a lot of stock could be motivated to hike their prices.


Price of the Product

It can be difficult from the outside looking in with blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers determining how much the project will cost from top to bottom. This is why it is important to acquire a range of quotes for the exercise, taking onboard a number of forms that illustrate what their financial policy is and what the terms of service will dictate. There will be the price of the physical curtain before any installation and delivery is factored into the overall program, so take note of these provisions as a collective.


Aesthetics of the Curtains

Of course there are very practical considerations when it comes to blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers, but the presentation of the material has to be about the style and the tone. They don’t have to be dark and black by nature, offering light and vibrant alternatives with white, beige, yellow, orange and green schemes respectively. While homeowners have the luxury of playing around with these aesthetic dynamics, the business has to be on brand.


Durability of the Material

Why would commercial owners and managers invest in blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers when the material quickly fades and deteriorates inside a few years? With common types of brands, they will opt for silks and linen creations that offer natural resistance properties. That is not always the case with blockout brands, but it is worthwhile assessing how long these packages are designed to last and whether or not there are repair and replacement terms in place, just in case they were to be compromised.


Customised Size Selections

The idea that blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers fit a one-size-fits-all dynamic is unmerited. These materials have to be carefully assessed according to the window fittings, giving operators a chance to enjoy short, fitted or long curtains that are suited to unique habits and environments. Work with sellers who will carefully measure these spaces and design curtains that match these specified standards.


Accessing First-Class Installation Assistance

Commercial clients who are assessing these curtains from Adelaide suppliers want to be able to see the project come to fruition. When that is the case, they will require servicing from specialists with the installation phase of the project. Extra fittings may need to be put in place for tricky locations, avoiding any large dust collections or exposure to the elements. This is a major selling point for small business owners who might struggle with the physical pressure of implementing their design, sourcing blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers who care about their clientele.


How To Choose Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

woman wearing thong swimsuit bottoms

Having trouble choosing a set of thong swimsuit bottoms? You’re not alone, as plenty of women can struggle to find the right pair to suit them. Finding the right pair is essential to have full confidence in the way it makes you look and allowing you to enjoy your time and the pool or at the beach.

The following will look at some tips for how to choose thong swimsuit bottoms.


Seeing what is in fashion

Of course, seeing what the current fashion trends are when it comes to choosing thong swimsuit bottoms is a great place to start. When you follow the trend, you can be more confident in that what you are wearing is popular in the here and now and you won’t be teased for wearing some that are out of style.

While you can’t always chase the trends since they are always changing, they usually change each summer, so you will have time to save up money for a new set of thong swimsuit bottoms when the time comes to wear them. If in doubt, simply buy all the sets that are in vogue, and you’ll always have the trendiest option.


Seeing what friends are doing

Sometimes what is trending on social media might not be what your friends are going with, so if you’re desperate to ‘fit in’ with them, then you might see what kind of thong swimsuit bottoms they are wearing. You can probably recall the type of sets they wore when you last went to the pool or the beach with them, so you can base your decision on what to purchase on this.

Sometimes a friend’s choice might really only suit them and their skin or body type. Make sure you try it on for yourself to see if the look would work well on you too.


Seeing what suits you

two women flexing their woman wearing thong swimsuit bottoms

One of the best ways to find a new set of thong swimsuit bottoms is to go to a store and try on the different types that are available for you to purchase. You can always try things on and see how they look on you in the change room mirror before you commit to buying them.

Your own perception of yourself in the mirror is not always the best judge, however. This is because we often see what we want to see in our own reflection rather than what others do.

This is why it’s a good idea to bring a close friend or someone you trust like your mother or sister to get their opinion on the look you are thinking about going with. If you really like something, they will support you, and your own comfort and confidence are more important than what others may think.

Think about the color and patterning

To differentiate your style of thong swimsuit bottoms from the others, you may want to think carefully about the color and patterning choice you go with. Many types of sets will have the same basic shape but will differ drastically when it comes to the patterns and color employed.

There are several categories when it comes to patterns, such as animal print or camo. Think carefully about what colors and patterns you are going to choose when you are picking the ideal thong swimsuit bottoms for you to wear.


As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when you are trying to purchase the ideal set of thong swimsuit bottoms to wear during the summer. If you think carefully and make the right choice, then you will be happy with your purchase for a long time.

Why Sydney Synthetic Grass Is Great

Sydney synthetic grass in the front yard of a home

Sydney synthetic grass is becoming more and more popular throughout the city and the rest of New South Wales. Every homeowner dreams of having a perfectly manicured green lawn but in a country where water restrictions are almost always in effect and where the sun can be harsh and unforgiving, it can be difficult if not impossible to keep the lawn looking beautiful and green. It’s not an uncommon sight in suburban streets to see the dead lawn, most people simply are not able to water their lawn enough and can’t protect it from getting burnt on sunny days. Sydney synthetic grass is a great alternative to being adopted by many homeowners and has many great benefits. Here are just a few of the advantages of Sydney synthetic grass.


It’s low maintenance

Natural lawns can be extremely high maintenance. It can cost a lot of time and money to manage the upkeep of a natural lawn. Keeping it looking great involved buying and maintaining tools like a lawnmower and whipper snipper and lawn requires regular mowing, watering, and fertilization. The cost of watering your lawn can be very expensive, for many households it represents the largest portion of household water costs. You’ll struggle to keep weeds and pests out of your lawn as well and you’ll find yourself spending countless hours on watering and maintaining it. If you pay someone else to do it you’ll find the cost exorbitant and likely find yourself wondering it’s all worth it. The great thing about Sydney synthetic grass is that the main cost involved is a simple installation. Maintenance is very simple and cost-effective, you won’t ever need to mow it or fertilize it. A quick rinse is typically enough to manage dirt, dust, and stains and occasionally you’ll need to check for weeds – that’s really all there is to it!


It’s perfect for Australian weather

Sydney synthetic grass

Australia is home to some extreme weather conditions. We’re talking scorching heat and very cold winters. Strong sunlight and fierce storms. It’s very difficult for the average lawn to survive the harsh weather conditions in this country and one very hot day or big rain can undo months of hard work and maintenance. Luckily you won’t have that problem with Sydney synthetic grass. No matter what the weather is like, faux turf will stay green and perfect year-round even when you’re watching the lawns of surrounding homes die off.


It’s better for the environment

Natural lawns require a lot of water. Not only is it expensive but it’s also incredibly wasteful and bad for the environment. All that water use is wasteful and unnecessary and so are the potential harmful fertilizers and chemicals used to maintain lawns. Many people assume that natural lawns would be a greener solution but over the course of a lifetime, they produce a far greater carbon footprint. Sydney synthetic grass may be made out of plastics but they last for ten to fifteen years and don’t use anywhere near as much water making them a more sustainable choice in the long run.


It’s suitable for all backyards

Some people think that a fake lawn can only be used on perfectly rectangular yards but it can actually be cut to any size or shape, even very irregular shapes. Some people also wonder if it’s suitable for kids and pets, and we’re here to tell you it is. It’s designed to be very durable and easy to clean so it doesn’t matter if kids and pets are running around on it, all you need to do is spray it down with a hose.


How To Find Good Family Lawyers In Sydney

couple arguing

Finding the right family lawyer in Sydney is very important especially if you’re dealing with a divorce or having child custody issues. Finding a professional that you feel comfortable with is essential as they’re there to guide you, help you understand the process and make appropriate decisions.

Finding the right family lawyers in Sydney can mean a less costly, time consuming and emotionally taxing process. To find someone you trust you have to know what to look for. Very few people have much legal experience and so it can be difficult to try and choose the right person. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting family lawyers in Sydney:


Start searching as soon as possible

Signing of Certificate of Divorce

If you’re going through difficult life changes like a divorce then it’s important to decide on your representation as early as possible. As soon as a situation arises where you think you may need legal representation you should start searching for family lawyers in Sydney. Knowing that you have someone on your side with experience from early on in the process can help you to reduce the stress and emotional turmoil that comes with dealing with issues like separation and divorce. Even if you’re unsure if you require legal representation, such as if you’re expecting your divorce to be amicable it’s still a good idea to seek representation to ensure that the process runs smoothly.


Ask for referrals and reviews

One of the best ways to find a professional you trust is to ask around. Speak to family and friends as they might have worked with someone in the past who they can recommend. It’s very likely that someone in your circle has worked with an experienced professional in the past and can give an idea of what to expect or some different options for legal representation. If you don’t know anyone with positive recommendations then look around online for reviews and testimonials for services in your local area or ask other professional services individuals such as psychologists or accountants as they often work with legal services and may be able to offer a recommendation.


Select an expert

Family lawyers in Sydney will be able to attest that their field is constantly evolving and changing as new cases go to court and are ruled on. A specialist is often the best choice as opposed to a generalist who practices in several areas of the law. Those who do not specialise in your specific legal issues may not have deep enough knowledge of the issue to get you the best results or provide the best advice. Finding someone whose skills and experience match with what you’re legal problem is will help make the whole process much easier and more successful. You should also consider if the person you’re looking to work with has courtroom experience. If you think matters can be settled amicably then look for a professional that focuses on negotiation and mediation.


Meet with them

Once you’ve found potential options that seem to be a good fit with your situation make sure you meet with them to discuss your legal issues before committing to work with them. Sitting down with someone in person will help them to understand your needs in detail and will also help you to know if you feel comfortable with them.


Consider compatibility

Whilst expertise, experience and past results in previous cases are important it’s equally important that you’re comfortable with them as they will be handling sensitive issues with you. You need to find someone you trust and who will properly represent your point of view and best interests.


Why You Should Look Into Obtaining A Forklift Licence Before Applying For Container Unloading Jobs

container unloading

It can be an exciting time when people have established the type of job that they want to go for, and they have carefully weighed up the pros and cons of obtaining this kind of position. What can be more slightly disheartening, however, is when they realise that obtaining this type of role isn’t always as easy as they initially thought. There can be a wide variety of reasons for this and sometimes it is just as simple as that people are not applying for the right place and the exact right time.

And then there can be others times where people’s resumes are working against them because they are not showing that they are passionate about getting the role and that they are committed to doing whatever it takes in order to achieve this or that their resume looks the same as every other average person. So that people are giving themselves the best chance possible of garnering employment, here is why you should look into obtaining a forklift licence before applying for a container unloading job.


You should look into obtaining a forklift licence before applying for container unloading jobs because it will look good on your resume

You should look into obtaining a forklift license before applying for container unloading jobs because it will look good on your resume. In this current climate, there are tons of people out there who are currently on the hunt for well paying and stable jobs which means that there is some competition out there. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that people will need to work a little harder in order to stand out.

And this can sometimes be hard for those who tend to do great throughout the internet process but who can sometimes find it hard to get an interview in the first place. So for these people, they will need to do everything they can in order to put a bit of shine on their resume. Thankfully, this is relatively easy to do when people think about the types of things that their employer would like to see from them such as a forklift license.


You should look into obtaining a forklift license before applying for container unloading jobs because it will help you feel more confident

Another important reason why you should look into obtaining a forklift license before applying for container unloading jobs is that it will help you feel more confident. What can often happen is that people will obtain a position and they will be really excited until they realise that on their first day, they may not know everything that they are supposed to. And while, our company will go about making sure that they train their staff, it can sometimes help people with their confidence if they have come across some of the tasks that they have to complete before they begin.

And this can be even more important when it comes to operating machinery and equipment as they can be dangerous if people do not know what they are doing and if they don’t feel fully confident. Sometimes people can simply feel embarrassed when they are trying something for the first time, and everyone is watching them so they will want to have a go at this before their first day of work. Whatever the reasoning may be, it can clearly be seen that there are many reasons why obtaining a forklift license may beneficial before applying for container unloading jobs.


3 Advantages Of Online Internships

Woman using her laptop

If you are a recent graduate or a student, then the prospect of online internships may be an attractive route for you. However, if you don’t know a lot about this virtual placement experience, then you might not be able to pick the right one and/or succeed in it.

There are actually several advantages to doing things via the internet, and this path should not be discounted because it is perceived as less prestigious than a placement that you attend physically. With all of the modern communications technology that the internet has enabled, online internships are not only viable but preferable in many circumstances.

With that said, let’s examine some of the benefits of doing online internships.


1.   More options

Of course, online internships give you far more options for what you do and how you go about doing it. If you live in a remote community and want to do a placement in marketing, then you could pursue this virtually over the internet and be able to get the benefit of the experience without having to travel extreme distances or temporarily relocate where you live.

Some businesses only exist on digital portals rather than having a brick and mortar location. A placement with one of these businesses would necessarily be an online internship since there is no practical way to do it physically.

Going this route will have more flexibility than many physical placements too. This is because the digital nature of what you are doing can be more easily manipulated and changed on the fly.

It can also be more easily tracked and give you a more concrete idea of how you are performing. This can give you valuable data that you can use to bolster your resume later one when you go and apply for a full-time position.


2.   More dynamic workflow

woman having her internship at home

Another advantage of online internships is that they allow you to have a more dynamic workflow with the employer you do your placement with. You will be able to log in and log out at different times and work on a more creative schedule that allows you to do things more sensibly.

Going into an office and working from 9-5 is very limiting when you consider the options that an online internship can enable. Interacting through voice chat programs and using other digital methods means that it’s easier than ever before to set up a dynamic workflow that allows those in a placement to be more useful and get more out of the experience.


3.   Less intimidating

If you are a very shy or anxious person, then going into your first corporate environment, even as a student, can be very daunting. If you are prone to panic attacks or have some other issue that could cause you to underperform in a face-to-face setting, then an online internship can be a lot less confronting as a way to get the experience you need.

It can be a great way to get the initial experience of the workload and then transition into a face-to-face arrangement later on. This can really help allow you to dip your toes into the experience without feeling trapped or overwhelmed (which is a problem that is more common than people think, especially in a high-pressure environment like a law or accounting firm).


Well, there you have it, 3 advantages of pursuing online internships. While there are many benefits to a face-to-face placement that a digital one can’t replicate, it is advantageous in its own ways that can make it worthwhile for people in different circumstances than usual.


The 4 Things To Buy With A Spa Gift Card

spa gift card

There are numerous reasons out there to buy a present for yourself or for a loved one. One of those presents that always goes down a treat is the best spa gift card in the city. No matter the occasion you can always find a reason to give one to a friend, family member or work colleague. You can be safe in the knowledge that not one person will turn around and give this gift away. Everyone loves a trip to a relaxation haven to avail of one of the many treatments on offer. Below we can look at what facilities and treatments you can avail of using the best spa gift card in town.



Massages are probably the most common thing people think about when their mind wanders to a relaxing weekend away. Over time, our muscles tighten and wear away from continual use. Giving the gift of the best spa gift card in the local area will be a ticket to looser muscles and a more relaxed new you. There are a range of massages you can avail of at most health clubs, including hot stone, Thai, aromatherapy, deep tissue, reflexology, the list goes on and on. They are all sure to address any problem areas you have leaving your body feeling like the aging process has been reversed. Even for those of us who find it hard to sit still, it is a type of mindful paradise.


Steam room

If you can stand it, being in a steam room is one of the best feelings you can have. Roasting your body in temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius in rooms with 100% humidity can have a range of health benefits. Steam rooms are known to lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain while also improving your skin as the toxins get released through your pores. On leaving a steam room, your skin will have a healthy pink glow as blood circulation increases. You may come out looking five years younger, a definite reason to buy one of the best spa gift cards in your locality.



Many people follow a daily skin routine in the hope of clearing their pores and keeping their skin looking young and healthy. This routine can have many benefits, but it is always good to have your skin cared for by a professional just to give it that extra boost it needs. Using the best spa gift card, you can book in an hour of facial treatment which will leave you looking revitalized. The benefits associated with facials are endless. They can reduce stress, prevent aging, improve blood circulation, exfoliate your skin, remove acne scars while also opening your pores to allow your skin to breathe again.


Manicure & pedicure

Using the best spa gift card that was given to you by your loved on a manicure or pedicure should be encouraged. Some may find a foot or hand massage to be too ticklish but for others it is heaven. It can instantly relax us and make it feel like any problems or worries have disappeared for those few minutes. These processes can keep your hands and feet looking young. While just like massages and facials they promote blood circulation.  They are also very important for the health of your nails as they make sure they are clean and free of any growing fungi.

The next time you give the best spa gift card in the city as a present to your friend or colleague, remember the chances are you are making them healthier, giving them better skin and making them look younger all at the same time.