Best Automobiles of 2018

  1. Connected Mobile Apps-

It is no longer an exaggeration to say that your smartphone has changed over the years and also in how we interact with your car. Most of the car manufacturers have connected their smartphone’s app to them. Look the for the app that lets you lock and unlock the car and also check of the status of thing like fuel and tire pressure. You can even start the car to warms things up for you in the winter.


  1. LED/Xenon Headlights-

Headlights are the only factor between you and a crash while driving at night, so it is better to think that headlight tech is essential. Whether it is a LED bulb that never needed to be replaced or older but still in excellent xenon systems and illuminating the road is the only way to avoid nighttime accidents. Many luxury cars have “swiveling” bulbs that can turn with the road to illuminate its surrounding corners while using an auto-high beam system that will keep you from blinding other drivers but it will maximize your view of your surroundings. A nighttime test-drive to check if the headlights may be worth considering before making a final buying decision.



  1. Teen Driver Technology-

Giving your keys to your teenager can be very nerve-wracking, and a horrible experience, but the new smart technology can ease your mind a little bit. Few cars have teen driver limitations that are built inside so that it will notify the driver it is over the speed limit, to disable the stereo and the seatbelt if not used.


  1. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-

Though they hate to admit it, many of the manufacturers in infotainment systems does the do-it-all screens that will control the stereo, navigation, and even climate control which is not very user-friendly. That is why everyone prefers Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. Plugging in your smart phone and it will take over that big screen, as it replaces with something that looks familiar and easy to use. You will get a simplified control interface to access your maps, music, and your mobile’s built-in voice-control features which will avoid the unnecessarily complicated system that comes with the car.



  1. Adaptive Cruise Control-

Commuting is not fun for anyone, but the advanced driver assistance system like the adaptive cruise can take out the risk in the experience. By using a field of sensors that are built into the car, it can match the speed of the car in the front, meaning you do not have to apply the break here and there in the traffic. Some of these systems even allow the car to bring the car to a complete halt and they start again automatically, and it can be less frustrating. It might make you uncomfortable when you are handling the wheel for a long time, and with this, you feel at ace to drive.