Tips For Homeowners Looking To Upgrade Their Shower Box Design

Glass shower box in the bathroom


Homeowners might very well reach a point where their traditional shower box is becoming worn down by daily use.

This is an area of the bathroom that can experience a build up of mold and decay as creaky door hinges and puddles of water create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the morning and evening.

If there is an appetite to look for something fresh, easy, clean and adaptable, then it is important that the investment is put to good use.

1) Acquire Quotes for a Budget Decision

These shower enclosures might be considered affordable or expensive depending on the design that homeowners are targeting. The only solution to be covered in this setting is to approach suppliers directly, get them to deliver a comprehensive quote and make an assessment on those metrics.

2) Undertake Wiring & Pipe Infrastructure Change First

There is always the fear that domestic residents might put the cart before the horse and place the entire project at risk by leaving the pipe infrastructure and electrical framework until last. This could create a scenario where anchoring screws puncture these components, creating far more damage in the process. Have this exercise as a first priority to avoid that problem.

3) Invest in Wall Security

If a new shower box is implemented in the bathroom, it is beneficial to have a sound level of studding behind it as the foundation. This will provide a level of security for the door hinge, allowing the product to be anchored without experiencing any additional movement or vulnerability.

4) Select a Suitable Angle for the Design

According to industry standards, there should be three distinct options when it comes to the angle of the shower box design. This will be showcased with 90°, 135°, or 180° respectively, assisting with the functionality of the product and the ease of installation from the supplier.

5) Strength of the Glass Panels

The thickness level of the shower box will be a key consideration for those that want a sturdy design that lasts the distance. The width of the surface is often showcased with a measurement of 4 1/2” while the frameless glass outlets are often set around the 3/8“ mark.

6) Assess the Value of a Curb Implementation

The use of a curb inclusion with a shower box won’t be necessary for those that want secure disability access, but other homeowners might see the feature as a necessary asset. This is where households need to decide how much protection they need from potential leaking.

7) Decide on Profile of Tiles

One of the other domains that homeowners have to think carefully about with a shower box upgrade will be the profile and design of the tiles. This is especially the case for families that use glass tiles because they have a tendency to crack when connecting with glass clips and door hinges.

8) Work With Trusted & Licensed Contractors

Arguably the most important component that clients should reflect on with these bathroom projects is less about the actual design of the asset and the credentials of those professionals building the utility. They need to be licensed, insured and trusted by other community members who detail their opinions through personal referrals and online ratings where the information is openly published.

Depending on the level of detail that constituents want to study with a shower box upgrade, they can venture into more territory. From the overhangs and raised tiles to the curb tops and shower head position, there will be a number of moving parts that should be examined ahead of time. The important note for families is to select a design that looks the part inside the bathroom setting, is functional to use, does not introduce any hassles and lasts the distance.

Commercial Advice When Seeking Blockout Curtains From Adelaide Suppliers

blockout curtains in Adelaide

Commercial outlets will have their own motivations for examining blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers.

For enterprises in South Australia, they will see a diverse range of materials that include an added thick layer for that blockout protection.

This enables businesses to decrease their sunlight exposure, moderate room temperature and enjoy an investment that provides all of the other selling points from the top selling fabrics in the market.

In order to take advantage of these items, it is beneficial to follow each purchasing step strategically, acquiring the best curtains available for Adelaide companies.


The Quality of the Blockout Brand

The most prescient place that commercial outlets can start with their blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers is to ensure that the brand is a trusted entity. From small corner stores to the major retail chains, the same principles apply. The popularity of their sales will be a good starting point, but it will be on online ratings and industry referrals where the top firsthand and secondhand evidence will be sourced for managers. Sellers who don’t move a lot of stock could be motivated to hike their prices.


Price of the Product

It can be difficult from the outside looking in with blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers determining how much the project will cost from top to bottom. This is why it is important to acquire a range of quotes for the exercise, taking onboard a number of forms that illustrate what their financial policy is and what the terms of service will dictate. There will be the price of the physical curtain before any installation and delivery is factored into the overall program, so take note of these provisions as a collective.


Aesthetics of the Curtains

Of course there are very practical considerations when it comes to blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers, but the presentation of the material has to be about the style and the tone. They don’t have to be dark and black by nature, offering light and vibrant alternatives with white, beige, yellow, orange and green schemes respectively. While homeowners have the luxury of playing around with these aesthetic dynamics, the business has to be on brand.


Durability of the Material

Why would commercial owners and managers invest in blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers when the material quickly fades and deteriorates inside a few years? With common types of brands, they will opt for silks and linen creations that offer natural resistance properties. That is not always the case with blockout brands, but it is worthwhile assessing how long these packages are designed to last and whether or not there are repair and replacement terms in place, just in case they were to be compromised.


Customised Size Selections

The idea that blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers fit a one-size-fits-all dynamic is unmerited. These materials have to be carefully assessed according to the window fittings, giving operators a chance to enjoy short, fitted or long curtains that are suited to unique habits and environments. Work with sellers who will carefully measure these spaces and design curtains that match these specified standards.


Accessing First-Class Installation Assistance

Commercial clients who are assessing these curtains from Adelaide suppliers want to be able to see the project come to fruition. When that is the case, they will require servicing from specialists with the installation phase of the project. Extra fittings may need to be put in place for tricky locations, avoiding any large dust collections or exposure to the elements. This is a major selling point for small business owners who might struggle with the physical pressure of implementing their design, sourcing blockout curtains from Adelaide suppliers who care about their clientele.


Why Sydney Synthetic Grass Is Great

Sydney synthetic grass in the front yard of a home

Sydney synthetic grass is becoming more and more popular throughout the city and the rest of New South Wales. Every homeowner dreams of having a perfectly manicured green lawn but in a country where water restrictions are almost always in effect and where the sun can be harsh and unforgiving, it can be difficult if not impossible to keep the lawn looking beautiful and green. It’s not an uncommon sight in suburban streets to see the dead lawn, most people simply are not able to water their lawn enough and can’t protect it from getting burnt on sunny days. Sydney synthetic grass is a great alternative to being adopted by many homeowners and has many great benefits. Here are just a few of the advantages of Sydney synthetic grass.


It’s low maintenance

Natural lawns can be extremely high maintenance. It can cost a lot of time and money to manage the upkeep of a natural lawn. Keeping it looking great involved buying and maintaining tools like a lawnmower and whipper snipper and lawn requires regular mowing, watering, and fertilization. The cost of watering your lawn can be very expensive, for many households it represents the largest portion of household water costs. You’ll struggle to keep weeds and pests out of your lawn as well and you’ll find yourself spending countless hours on watering and maintaining it. If you pay someone else to do it you’ll find the cost exorbitant and likely find yourself wondering it’s all worth it. The great thing about Sydney synthetic grass is that the main cost involved is a simple installation. Maintenance is very simple and cost-effective, you won’t ever need to mow it or fertilize it. A quick rinse is typically enough to manage dirt, dust, and stains and occasionally you’ll need to check for weeds – that’s really all there is to it!


It’s perfect for Australian weather

Sydney synthetic grass

Australia is home to some extreme weather conditions. We’re talking scorching heat and very cold winters. Strong sunlight and fierce storms. It’s very difficult for the average lawn to survive the harsh weather conditions in this country and one very hot day or big rain can undo months of hard work and maintenance. Luckily you won’t have that problem with Sydney synthetic grass. No matter what the weather is like, faux turf will stay green and perfect year-round even when you’re watching the lawns of surrounding homes die off.


It’s better for the environment

Natural lawns require a lot of water. Not only is it expensive but it’s also incredibly wasteful and bad for the environment. All that water use is wasteful and unnecessary and so are the potential harmful fertilizers and chemicals used to maintain lawns. Many people assume that natural lawns would be a greener solution but over the course of a lifetime, they produce a far greater carbon footprint. Sydney synthetic grass may be made out of plastics but they last for ten to fifteen years and don’t use anywhere near as much water making them a more sustainable choice in the long run.


It’s suitable for all backyards

Some people think that a fake lawn can only be used on perfectly rectangular yards but it can actually be cut to any size or shape, even very irregular shapes. Some people also wonder if it’s suitable for kids and pets, and we’re here to tell you it is. It’s designed to be very durable and easy to clean so it doesn’t matter if kids and pets are running around on it, all you need to do is spray it down with a hose.