Five Things To Consider Before Building Custom Sheep Yards

Five Things To Consider Before Building Custom Sheep Yards

Custom sheep yards are essential for controlling sheep. Sorting the sheep into various groups or separating sale and prime animals is done with the use of custom sheep yards. It is used for a variety of purposes, including health care, trimming, breeding, measuring, and loading into trucks for transport to markets or freezer facilities. It is usually placed in the centre of the farm near to the shearing shed.

Custom sheep yards consist of three main yards, the large holding yard, the smaller yard, and the forcing yard. Beyond the forcing yard, there is a drafting race to divide the crowds into their respective pens. In general, the drafting race contains two gates to split and separate the sheep.

Custom sheep yards are the primary facilities of handling and managing sheep. This is why it must be thoughtfully planned and constructed to ensure smooth operations. The construction must be able to handle and care for the sheep in a safe manner in the yard. Here are five most important things you should consider when building custom sheep yards.

Workers’ Well-Being and Safety at the Yard

One of the most important things when it comes to building custom sheep yards is the well-being of the people in the yard itself. A good yard is a well-designed one with the priority that it should remove or minimize any identified or potential risks through the use of engineering solutions.

Remember that the goal of building custom sheep yards is not only to ensure the safety of the animal, but the people too above them. A safe and well-designed yard will get you the most effective level of production. The research and design steps are an important part of the building process.

With the right design and research, the engineer can help to construct a straightforward and safe method for all the workers to be able to work efficiently and safely.

Determining the Yard’s Location

Custom sheep yards

Deciding the location of the yard is also crucial. The location will determine the movement flow of the stock. Make sure that the location is strategically located near to the property, this will help the sheep to have a good movement flow and it will make the workers easier to manage the sheep and work with them. Moreover, remember that the location should be near to the shearing shed, dip and truck access.

Check the ground for the drainage system. You don’t want the water to flood your custom sheep yards. Ensure that there is a water draining system to avoid any flood. Apart from drainage, you have to assure that there will be water stocking around the yard. Water is the crucial need of the sheep, it can help replenish their thirst. Furthermore, water can also be used for dust control and cleaning of the yard.

Crafting the Design of the Yard

Another important part of the sheep yard is the design. Designing a yard requires a thorough analysis and compliances to follow. It is better if you leave the design up to the engineer. Some of the most important aspects are (but not limited to):

  • The angle vision and curves of the yard
  • The view and path of the sheep
  • The sheep’s gates
  • The land slopes
  • And many more

Build a Well-Designed and Safe Custom Sheep Yards

Constructing custom sheep yards requires a thorough analysis of the geographical situation of the yard. On top of that, the safety of the workers and animals should be the priority when designing the yard. Well-designed custom sheep yards can help to a better productivity of the workers as well as the sheep.