How To Choose Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

woman wearing thong swimsuit bottoms

Having trouble choosing a set of thong swimsuit bottoms? You’re not alone, as plenty of women can struggle to find the right pair to suit them. Finding the right pair is essential to have full confidence in the way it makes you look and allowing you to enjoy your time and the pool or at the beach.

The following will look at some tips for how to choose thong swimsuit bottoms.


Seeing what is in fashion

Of course, seeing what the current fashion trends are when it comes to choosing thong swimsuit bottoms is a great place to start. When you follow the trend, you can be more confident in that what you are wearing is popular in the here and now and you won’t be teased for wearing some that are out of style.

While you can’t always chase the trends since they are always changing, they usually change each summer, so you will have time to save up money for a new set of thong swimsuit bottoms when the time comes to wear them. If in doubt, simply buy all the sets that are in vogue, and you’ll always have the trendiest option.


Seeing what friends are doing

Sometimes what is trending on social media might not be what your friends are going with, so if you’re desperate to ‘fit in’ with them, then you might see what kind of thong swimsuit bottoms they are wearing. You can probably recall the type of sets they wore when you last went to the pool or the beach with them, so you can base your decision on what to purchase on this.

Sometimes a friend’s choice might really only suit them and their skin or body type. Make sure you try it on for yourself to see if the look would work well on you too.


Seeing what suits you

two women flexing their woman wearing thong swimsuit bottoms

One of the best ways to find a new set of thong swimsuit bottoms is to go to a store and try on the different types that are available for you to purchase. You can always try things on and see how they look on you in the change room mirror before you commit to buying them.

Your own perception of yourself in the mirror is not always the best judge, however. This is because we often see what we want to see in our own reflection rather than what others do.

This is why it’s a good idea to bring a close friend or someone you trust like your mother or sister to get their opinion on the look you are thinking about going with. If you really like something, they will support you, and your own comfort and confidence are more important than what others may think.

Think about the color and patterning

To differentiate your style of thong swimsuit bottoms from the others, you may want to think carefully about the color and patterning choice you go with. Many types of sets will have the same basic shape but will differ drastically when it comes to the patterns and color employed.

There are several categories when it comes to patterns, such as animal print or camo. Think carefully about what colors and patterns you are going to choose when you are picking the ideal thong swimsuit bottoms for you to wear.


As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when you are trying to purchase the ideal set of thong swimsuit bottoms to wear during the summer. If you think carefully and make the right choice, then you will be happy with your purchase for a long time.